Review “Harper Regan”: Bloody Brilliant Cast!

Steep Theatre Co. presents Harper Regan  1115 W. Berwyn Avenue Written by Simon Stephens Directed by Robin Witt Thru February 27th Buy Tickets Running away from home is an impulsive act reserved for kids. Or is it? At 41, Harper gets on a plane and leaves her life. Steep Theatre Co. presents Harper Regan. Playwright … Continue reading

“Kill The Old Torture Their Young” Theatre Review: What Happened?

Kill The Old Torture Their Young Steep Theatre Chicago, Illinois October 9, 2009 A documentary filmmaker returns to his hometown to shoot a movie. I was intrigued by the promising premise for Kill The Old Torture Their Young. Having fallen smitten with Steep Theatre during its production of Hollowlands, I had high expectations for our … Continue reading

“Hollowlands”: Next Stop Eden!

The Hollow Lands Steep Theatre Co. Chicago, Illinois July 30, 2009 Boy meets girl and falls in love. Simple, right? Not the way The Hollow Lands tells a love story. Irish immigrant boy meets girl, who previously had been held in captivity by Indians is permanently marked with facial tattoos, and did I mention she’s … Continue reading