Review “The Philanderer”: No Frills Sophisticated Comedy!

ShawChicago presents: The Philanderer  Written by George Bernard Shaw Directed by Robert Scogin Ruth Page Theatre (1016 N. Dearborn) Thru March 1st (more info) Leonard wants to marry Grace as a way to finally break-up with Julia. Although this sounds like the plot of the next Hugh Grant romantic comedy, it’s not. ShawChicago presents The … Continue reading

Unwrap This Holiday Present NOW!

  ShawChicago presents Mid-Winter’s Tales 09 At the Ruth Page Theatre (1016 N. Dearborn) Adapted and directed by Belinda Bremner December 18th-21st (ticket info: 312-587-7390) Before the age of electronic entertainment, communities gathered around the fireplace to tell stories. With the wind howling outside and increased hours of darkness, families told tales to amuse themselves … Continue reading

“Votes for Women!” Theatre Review: We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

ShawChicago presents: Votes for Women! by Elizabeth Robins directed by Robert Scogin thru November 9, 2009 Inadequate health care coverage, conservatives versus liberals, rumors of a politician’s past sexual indiscretion? No, Votes for Women! isn’t the story of Hillary Clinton’s rise to power. In fact, actress and playwright Elizabeth Robins wrote the work over a … Continue reading