Review “The Island”: Fugard is The Collaborator!

 Remy Bumppo presents The Island At Greenhouse Theatre Center 2257 N. Lincoln Written by Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona Directed by James Bohnen Thru March 7th Running Time: Ninety minutes (no intermission) An extended stay on an island sounds wondrous in Chicago’s brutal winter. Not in Fugard’s world! Remy Bumppo presents The Island … Continue reading

“Heroes” Theatre Review: All Star Salute

Heroes Presented by Remy Bumppo At the Greenhouse Theatre Center Written by Gerald Sibleyras Translated by Tom Stoppard Directed by James Bohnen Thru November 29th A head of shrapnel, gimp leg and derangement have never been funnier. Remy Bumppo’s Heroes bring three World War I vets together for convalescent camaraderie. Set in an old soldier … Continue reading