“Fedra” Theatre Review: Not Feeling The Love!

Fedra Lookingglass Theatre Chicago, Illinois October 14, 2009 She loves him but he loves somebody else. She just can’t win! Oh My Afrodite, love stinks! Based on the Greek mythology Phredra, Fedra is set in future Haiti. The queen, Fedra is in love with her stepson, Hippolytus. After her husband, Thesus, is assumed killed in a … Continue reading

“The Arabian Nights”: A Magic Carpet Ride

The Arabian Nights Lookingglass Theatre Chicago, Illinois August 6, 2009 Get over that the main story of a story within a story within a story is… a story of a woman forced to tell stories at knife point for nearly three years and you will become victim to the enchantment of The Arabian Nights. The … Continue reading

“Our Future Metropolis”: Did Chicago follow the Plan?

Our Future Metropolis Lookingglass Theatre Chicago, Illinois July 21, 2009 Having experienced traffic coming to a complete halt on the Kennedy, Red Line and the lakefront bike path, I’ve often asked myself “whose brilliant idea was this?” Tuesday night, I got some insight to that question. “One man show” describes Our Future Metropolis as a … Continue reading