Review “Lost in Yonkers”: Found Young Talent!

Village Players Theater presents:yonkers

Lost in Yonkers

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Brian Rabinowitz
Thru February 21st (more info)

Living on top of a candy store is every kid’s dream – unless the shop is owned by a tyrannical grandmother! yonkers2Set in the early 1940’s, Neil Simon’s Purlitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play is a coming-of-age story about two teenagers forced to live with their cruel grandma for a year. When financial complications require their father to take a job on the road, Arty and Jay leave the Bronx for Yonkers. Sleeping on the pull-out couch, the boys live in the 2 bedroom dictator world with their grandma as supreme leader. Making family life a little more pleasant and weirder, they get to know their crazy Aunt Bella, con artist Uncle Eddie and strange Aunt Gert. Playwright Neil Simon is the master for portraying family dysfunction in a comical manner, and in Lost in Yonkers, the two young boys’ antics lead family members to face their past destructive patterns.  

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2 Responses to “Review “Lost in Yonkers”: Found Young Talent!”
  1. vbrekkidd80 says:

    Always been a great movie in my collection, enjoyed it as a teenager and as an adult. Have to see a hidden treasure, very moving!

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  1. […] have also joined the 1930’s Jewish family dramedy resurgence with their current production of Lost in Yonkers. It’s a life lesson for new generations with the recapturing and retelling of the financial […]

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